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What Our Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice.  Review a selection of Claudy Chiropractic Clinic patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Yours in Health,
Kevin Proudman

  • The practice is a one stop shop. For Mind, Body and Soul. Under the most helpful guidance of mister and missis Proudman.

    -Conor L.
  • Mr Proudman was absolutely amazing so kind, patient and caring. Even his receptionist was really kind and lovely.

  • I have been going to the clinic for many years and have been able to keep my back problems under control. Would totally recommend.

    -Louise B.
  • Very professional and friendly staff who are very dedicated to your wellbeing.

    -Gareth O.
  • I  have been attending Dr. Proudman’s clinic now for a while and feel it has helped my back problems more than anything else I have tried.

    -Catherine Dillon
  • I have every confidence that I will get the help I need and I actually feel a good bit better after my first treatment today.

    -Caroline M.
  • Very satisfied with care I received.

    -Gerry McAneney

Flora L

This is a fantastic practice: The practitioner is very skilled and induce confidence in the patients. Both receptionist are kind and very professional. I felt taking care from the first contact I had. My husband and I are going to Claudy Chiropractic clinic every month for one year and every time is a very positive experience: I recover from my sciatica pain and my husband from his spine pain. we are completely satisfied. We are happy to recommend this practice to anyone concern about their health.

Thomas Cassidy

Without this continuous professional care, I don’t believe I would be feeling as healthy as I am feeling at this very moment. This is a fact. Chiropractic care has impacted my all round well being. This I am so thankful for. Long may it continue. Many many thanks.

Julie Walker

Always made to feel very welcome, informal atmosphere, staff very friendly. Always treated with respect and Mr. Proudman explains everything in detail and is extremely easy to talk to about all aspects of his therapies.

Tony Crowe – L’Derry

I was virtually house-bound due to the onslaught of ‘inner-ear’ balance problems which intruded into every aspect of my daily life. Some of the symptoms may have been occasioned by stress, but the problem was exacerbated by a total ignorance of the condition by the general medical world. Their prescription of “traditional drugs” inclined primarily to induce a semi-conscious state. I am delighted to report that the chiropractic philosophy has paid dividends for me, and I have returned – for over two years – a full satisfactory daily life. I believe that I am now capable of leading a confident, generally unstressful life and I relish this great freedom! I enjoy a more energetic lifestyle which encompasses shorter but more restful sleeping, a much enhanced stamina and a certain ability to address stress when it occurs – thankfully on a very rare occasion. Apart from the functional readjustment, which I humbly regard as essential for my poor, misused body, I believe that my monthly consultation serves to reassure me with a valuable and ever tactful reality check! Enough recommendation I cannot surmise!

Denise Black – Maghera

Two years ago I fell and hit my head, cheek and hurt my neck. I was having lots of pain in my cheek, neck and back and someone recommended I try Claudy Chiropractic. After attending a few times I really felt the difference. I now walk better, can turn my head, and my headaches have gone. I feel more confident, I sleep better, have more energy and much less stress. I like to attend the clinic monthly to keep me in good shape and it makes me feel a lot stronger. I would recommend Dr Proudman to anyone! I have already done so with my family, friends, work colleagues and customers.

Cornelius Ward – Derry

I had been experiencing lower back and neck pain for three years before attending the clinic. I frequently go to the gym and it was affecting my fitness and restricted my flexibility. Now my lower back has greater strength,  my neck has increased movement and flexibility and I can now carry out physical lifting which I was restricted in doing before. I have noticed an improvement in my overall energy levels, and I am able to sleep more comfortably without the nagging pain I was previously experiencing. Getting a chiropractic adjustment every four weeks loosens my back and neck, increases flexibility and I can move withou any stiffness. I would recommended it to all my family, relatives and friends.

Bernard McNicholl – Ballykelly

I was suffering pain in my shoulders and neck, which gave me problems sleeping and driving. I couldn’t do manual work or go for walks. Now I have no pain and can do all the things I thought I would never do again. I sleep better, have more energy to get up early in the mornings and I’m less stressed. I would recommend everyone who has any sort of pain to see a chiropractor. It changed my life.

Mary McGreevey – Cookstown

I had pain, numbness and immobility in my shoulders which sometimes extended down to my fingers. I also had upper and lower back pain and hip joint pain. Since I’ve started Chiropractic care, my shoulders are now very mobile and I have little or no pain in my arms and fingers. My fingers can even use a keyboard! I can walk normally most of the time, have a lot more energy and now only use painkillers occasionally. I notice that I benefit from getting an adjustment every four weeks, and if I miss one I find it has an effect on my upper body especially. I have already recommended Chiropractic to my friends and family.

Anita Robinson – L’Derry

I attended Claudy Chiropractic Clinic with chronic back pain two and a half years ago. After a series of corrective treatments, a monthly monitoring appointment was recommended, which I find very beneficial. My work is sedentary and frequently of long duration, inducing neck and shoulder tension and stiffness. I look forward to my monthly session and I move more freely after an adjustment. I leave Claudy Chiropractic relaxed, completely tension-free, energised, feeling I could tackle anything. I frequently sing in the car on the way home! I would recommend Chiropractic to others without hesitation.

Birgit Ashenbrenner – Derry

From December ’09 I experienced pain in both my legs and feet. I found it hard to get up in the mornings as the pain started in my feet within a few minutes.It was difficult to stand for long periods and waiting at bus stops etc, was very uncomfortable. I received a lot of painkillers and tried physiotherapy.Since trying chiropractic I no longer have pain.In general I feel much better and more in shape.I see chiropractic as essential care not just for my body but for my whole system. It’s something that needs to be done regularly, like caring for your teeth. I look at it as a commitment to myself and my health, and would recommend it to anybody.

Alan and Alana Black, Co. Donegal – Aged 2 and Newborn

Before Chiropractic care Alana had colic. She was crying steadily and had poor bowel movement.  I tried everything; Infacol, new bottles, different milk, but nothing worked. Alan was very hard to get to sleep and would wake up about four times in the middle of the night.  Alan also has a sleep apnoea and was on a MR10 monitor.  Since they have started Chiropractic care Alana is a very settled baby now.  We have no crying, and we get a full night’s sleep.  She has improved digestion and more energy.  Alan also has improved digestion and goes down to bed early now.  He doesn’t  waken until the morning, and has better quality sleep.  My understanding of Chiropractic is a lot different from when I started to take my children along.  I thought it was just for pulled muscles, injury and accident pains, but now I know it can help almost anything.  I would recommend Chiropractic care to others.

Hollie Brown, Ballymoney

I was involved in a road traffic accident in 2005.  Following the accident I had pain in my back.  The doctors who assessed me said it would go away in 18 months.  It didn’t go away but it did die down for a couple of years.  In March 2009 I slipped on ice after a night out.  The next morning I couldn’t move and went to A&E.  They gave me some anti-inflammatory and painkilling drugs.  Two weeks later the pain was subsiding.  After that I had a dull constant pain in the upper right side of my back.  The pain was bearable and manageable but it was dragging me down.  My head felt heavy on my neck and shoulders.  Driving was not enjoyable and only made things worse.  At this time I was driving 12 hours a week to work and it was very uncomfortable.  The painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs treated the immediate symptoms but they never made the problem go away.

I am so grateful that I “bumped into” Dr Alex at a health fair in the Millennium Forum.  He offered a free spinal check there and then so I decided to do it to see if he would notice my problems.  Before that I thought I half imagined them – or that everyone had some type of back ache (despite my partner constantly telling me to see someone).  It sounds corny but that was a life-changing moment in terms of my spinal health.  I began attending the clinic.  At first I was cautious about whether it would work and if it would be value for money.  Dr Alex explained the importance of wellness and looking after my back as well as fixing the parts that were wrong.

After a couple of months of intensive treatment I feel like I have a new back and neck.  I wish I had come here 5 years ago but I didn’t know about the effects it would have, and none of my doctors recommended it.  I still need regular check-ups but generally I feel no pain or discomfort on a day to day basis which is wonderful.  I still drive a lot for work and it is much more comfortable now.  I do regular spinal exercises to improve the strength of some of my muscles and it helps keep things in order.  I try to be careful and I think about my footwear and posture when I’m sitting, all of which helps during the process of fixing the problem areas. Chiropractic care makes sure all the bones and muscles are where they should be, and doing what they should be.  Once they are in line your body functions as it should and you feel less pain and discomfort.

I would say – try Chiropractic.  I think everyone should experience the benefits and I would recommend Dr Alex.  You might not know there’s something there, but once you have the adjustments you feel much better.  People become used to dealing with pain – and that can really drag you down.  I know it may seem like a lot of money but the benefits are worth it and it stops it getting worse.  I am 24 and I didn’t want to spend the next 50-60 years with that dull pain in my back.  My late grandmother always said “your health is your wealth” and she was absolutely right.  Look after yourself and your spine.

Alan Campbell, Waterside – Age 29

For five years prior to Chiropractic care I had experienced frequent lower back pain.  Then in September 2009, I herniated a disc in my lower back which left me with severe leg pain and numbness.  During this time I was unable to walk or stand for any period of time.  I had been treated by various Physiotherapists and took anti-inflammatory medication mostly with limited or no effect on my condition.  Since receiving Chiropractic care, I now have no back pain at all.  I can now drive for long periods without suffering back pain and can exercise without the risk of hurting myself and enduring more pain.  As well as helping my back condition improve, I found other areas improved also – better quality sleep and improved flexibility.  Chiropractic improves the natural healing process in your body, and gives your body the tools to heal itself without needing medication or surgery.

Charlene O’Kane, Feeny – Age 24

My everyday activities were continuously interrupted with pain around my chest and back.  It was very uncomfortable and sometimes left me short of breath.  Throughout my Chiropractic care I have found it to help me tremendously with my back pain.  I also find I don’t suffer from headaches, have gained more energy, and increased my strength and stamina.  I also find I am in better moods, and after getting adjusted I always feel better.  Chiropractic is the adjustment of the spine to release trapped nerves caused by bad posture and bad habits (sitting, standing, lifestyle).  Trapped nerves lead to sickness such as headaches or general pain in that area, and the adjustment relieves this.  I would definitely recommend Chiropractic care in the future and have done so in the past.

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